Sunday, April 24, 2011

"If he'd just pay me what he's paying them to stop me from robbing him, I'd stop robbing him!"

There's a real western vibe around here, given the fact that the campus is like a ghost town.
Ghost campus?
By the way, you can get married in a ghost town. And it's actually super cool. Or, on a cruise ship. Maybe then the Captain can do the marrying stuff. That'd be cool too.

Anyways. This here's a ghost town, y'all.
Actually, that was more southern than western.

This here campus, it's a ghost town. Ain't nothing 'round but these here stragglers.
There we go. Western-y.

Anyhow, it's super empty. There were a lot of cars around this weekend, people packing up and stuff. Real quiet in the dorms especially. Ain't no one in this here ghost town.
(I'll stop now. Really).

The internet's been down in my room since Friday. I thought I was bored before- and now the internet's gone. I've already read all the non-textbook books in my room (two) and boxed up everything for storage, and unpacked it because I kept boxing up stuff I needed and then repacking it again.
(I've used up lots of packing tape).

Also, everything on campus was closed, as it's the Easter long weekend. Which is Friday. and Sunday. And Monday. So it's sort of inconvenient.

I get to go home Wednesday :)

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