Friday, April 8, 2011

procrastinating is for losers. I "redirect my energy elsewhere". Success.

School's finally over, and here's the rundown of the last few days and stuff like that:

1. I've gone to the gym a bunch of times. Too bad they don't always feel like showing the baseball game, opting instead for daytime hockey (such a canadian thing. watched a special about 'aggressors in hockey' and saw 'matinee hockey'. Only in canada, man). or even soccer. SOCCER! There's a sport I just can't focus on. I don't actively dislike it (like, say, basketball or golf), but it's just mind-numbingly boring to me. Something about the huuuuge field, and the way the camera is pulled way back so it's a bunch of specks on a green field, and all they do is run and do that lookit- ball flipping, and it's like... wow. No intense skating, no dramatic breakaways, nothing. (imho. If you like soccer, like 90% of my friends do, feel free to passionately disagree. It's okay. We all know hockey's better, anyways).

2. Spent quite a lot of time talking to counselors/convincing them I'm not totally insane and that I don't live in my own little world. Nothing like being told "I have NEVER EVER heard of doing that, and that is IMPOSSIBLE" to really up your confidence in your plan. (I could just feel my mental cheerleaders slinking away when he said that, pom-poms all sad and everything). However, that dude was wrong. (He was like one of those guys that was super awkward in school and makes up for it now by being smug and thinking he's funny. And he's just not.) (Don't take it out on the beautiful people, man! It's not my fault no one likes you because you're mean and snarky!) (+10 to narcissism).

3. Pretty well cleared for what I have called The Kirk Track, which is, getting my degrees in 3 years. Got told "you're doing all the right things" and that is just lovely to hear.

4. It's SO SO SUNNY! Like, 45 degrees! It was 31 Mondayish though.

5. Went out with a friend to celebrate the end of classes yesterday, and got this:
Yes. That is actually a caramel apple with rainbow and chocolate sprinkles. I like to live uniquely.

6. Working on converting one of my friends to trekkie-ism. So far so good.

7. These are blooming now, too:

Except it's more like eight bajllion of them, and not just like, five trees.

There's more stuff, but I should probably do work now.

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