Monday, April 4, 2011

Mountain Report

I went snowshoeing on Grouse Mountain yesterday, and it was awesome.
Posting pictures here is a drag, so I link you to- not my flickr page, but, ta-dah!
Check that outtt :D you can get all my feeds directly there.


Also, I'm now a card-carrying member of Grouse Mountain. Some part of me has ALWAYS wanted to do that.
(I have no idea why. I don't pretend like I make any more sense to myself than I make to anyone else. But I've always thought mountain snow sports people are just the coolest).

Anyways, it's the last week of classes! This, of course, couldn't possibly go by without some hitches.
First and foremost, I finished a 12 page project on Saturday. And then downloaded the screenwriting program, wrote up the 5 page portion, and deleted the copy. Saved the project, came back a while later- and all five script pages were gone.
Needless to say, I had a meltdown, couldn't figure out what happened, and then rewrote the five pages from memory.
Got a 69% on the group project in New Media. Not exactly much of a shock- the TA grades, gives very little guidance on what she wants, gives everyone bad grades, and besides, we spent that whole project arguing venomously. Not much of a shocker there.
Other creative writing class project got extended to Thursday- of course, I'd already finished it, thinking it was due Tuesday. My psychic powers need some fine tuning, I believe.

And now, some good stuff:
1. Shortly after said hysterics-inducing project deletion, got messaged by a friend with suddenly impeccably good timing, and thus ended my miserable mood.
2. That homepage up there makes my life. I'm proud of it. That picture in the background, by the way, was taken with my old phone (amazing camera on that thing!) at one of Bobby's little league games. I was just thinking about those the other day. I miss them. (And yeah, I also miss being able to go "oh, my brother's that one. Yeah, the one that just made that be-au-ti-ful save. Yupp).
3. 23 days until I come home!
4. I'm no longer irritated by the fact that both google and yahoo redirect to their Canadian pages (.ca instead of .com). However, typing ".ca" is gonna become a habit.
5. Did you SEE that homepage? I feel brilliant.

Anyways. I have to work on that recently-deleted project. It's due at midnight tonight.
(How dramatic is that for a duedate? Feels like whatshername, the princess with the midnight- whatever. What it really feels like is Persephone having to return to the Underworld at the end of summer. That's a much better deadline-y story).
(Greek myths are better than fairytales).

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