Sunday, August 7, 2011

Optimism! Or else!

Well, it's no secret that my summer sorta kinda sucked. But I'm an optimist!
(Oh, man, that is such a lie. But we're gonna pretend it's true).
So here's what's happened, and why it didn't suck!

1. I've had classes all summer. Which is good, because now I'm technically a third year. And bad, because I have two paper and three finals this week, and I so don't need that. 
2. After I got home, I had my foot injury looked at. And the way to fix it was super painful and involved a thing waaaay too much like leeches. I swear. There was bug venom involved in the fixing. Anyways, that's good, because it's fixed now!
3. And in July, I had surgery, for the second time this year, on the same thing, the kidney thing. But! Now I have two scars, and they make an 8, and so I'm changing my hockey number to 8. And that's a super cool story for my jersey!

So, technically that all wasn't so bad. If you're gonna be a stubborn optimist about it. 


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