Saturday, August 13, 2011

want to know something really funny, that's also kinda sad? Like, really sad.

So, this has to do with Almond Joy and Mounds. (I don't know what you were expecting, but that sounds standard for things I'm concerned about).

Anyways, when I was little, my mom always got the red package - Mounds- and I always picked the blue- Almond Joy. I seriously loved them, except for the almond. I did not like the almond. I ate it first to get it out of the way, so that I could have it without the stupid almond. I never did try my mom's, because I had my super awesome blue package that was blue. Which was apparently very important to little me.

To me, a perfect Almond Joy would have been one without almonds. As I found out- years later - that does exist. It's called a Mounds. And I'd been ignoring it for years because the package was red, and not blue, and therefore inferior.

It still makes me kind of sad that I missed out on so many years' worth of Mounds because I didn't realize that there was a difference other than package colouring.

But now, there's Bounty, too, and choosing between Mounds and that is very difficult. On a sidenote, I haven't had Almond Joy except at Halloween and stuff since.

Other important stuff -
1. I started packing for Canada! Except I did that thing again, where I pack what I need and have to keep unpacking it again and again.
2. I saw one of my nurses today! She was the nurse that was there during the day when I was there in July, and she was the best ever, of all time; she was my favourite, and she was so, so awesome. I like seeing my nurses when I'm not in the hospital! It should always be like that. Seeing people without getting stuck with needles and stuff, y'know?
3. Turns out 2,500 words are a lot more than I thought. Fun essay-writing times! So fun!
4. I'm concerned that they don't have classic American candy in Canada. I'll have to find out, and prepare myself for the letdown.

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