Thursday, August 11, 2011

Outpatient is so the way to go

I had an outpatient thingy on Wednesday, and it's so much easier than real, actual surgery! You go in, you get it done, and you get out! None of the normal agony of hospitals. Don't have to deal with the midnight BP checks (I loved my night nurse, though, if not her schedule), no stupid beeping machines that go on alllllll night, no stupid sleeping on your back only, no 30* or higher bed, no awful food, none of it!

Although, there's still the other stuff. Like the IV's, the chilling and doing nothing, saying your name and birthday a bazillion times, there's a stupider hospital gown, stuff like that.

Also, my nurse stabbed me twice. She put in the first IV, and was all 'I don't like the way this turned out' and did it AGAIN.
Then a nurse asked my age, and was all "oh, you shouldn't be here, you should be out enjoying the beach!" I just gave her this look that probably said something super friendly like "just stop stabbing me, okay?" Also, somehow, the shock wave thing does leave a mark. I have no idea how that's possible, but it looks like a red burn or something. Doesn't hurt, though, which is a first.

 I have a final tomorrow, and two final papers due on the 15th. Super awesome fun, really.

I considered getting a tattoo over my scar(s) but man, if they had to do this again, they'd ruin it, and it would look awful. So I'm thinking no.

On a way lighter note - that candy, Charlston? SUPER AWESOME. But not frozen. I don't know why the package begs you to freeze it- it kind of sucks when frozen.

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