Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Things That Are Super Lame About Finals

1. That they exist
2.That I can have two on the same day! Who even does that?!?!
3. Also, they give you two and a half hours for each one. TWO AND A HALF HOURS. It takes an HOUR to write. What are they allowing time for, people who want to read it backwards?!

I have a French exam on Friday, and then English on Monday. SO SUPER EXCITING*

*not really.

Also, here's a slightly more interesting/less whiney list!
1. Canadian retail is funny! I went to buy new skates, and the salesguy talked me out of new skates and into coming back to get my skates fixed. Cool dude, but how do they stay in business? "Oh, that? You don't want that. Seriously. Here's a way to spend like, twenty bucks. Go throw a party with the two hundred you just saved! We'll just not make money today. It's cool."
2. There's a new Taylor Swift song! Or video. Or whatever. It's supposedly on that Speak Now album, but we have it, and it so wasn't on that album. Also, today's her birthday, I think?
3. My birthday is in 62 days. I felt you all should know that. I'm going to be TWENTY! NOT A TEENAGER TWENTY!
4. Also, there's a lot of ink on my fingers from that whiteboard thingy I have on my closet door.

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