Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I think I make too many lists

You may be wondering what on Earth I've been doing with all my time lately. Classes ended on the 2nd, and even then, I only had one class that day. That gives me exactly 18 days to take 4 finals. To reiterate: I have about 6 hours worth of exams to write. AND I HAVE 18 DAYS.
(Also, of course two of those would be on the same exact day. Do you know what the chances of that are? POINT THREE PERCENT.)
(Ironically, I learned that math from one of the classes I have a final for)

Anyways. Besides studying (which takes up roughly 80jillion percent of my time), this is what I do with my 18 DAYS OF UTTER BOREDOM AND EMPTY-CAMPUS-NESS
1. I've cleaned my room like 6 times. Unfortunately, it gets messy again a day later.
2. I just did laundry. (Ignore the fact that this is the first time in like, 3 weeks. I have a lot of clothes, it takes a while to actually have to do laundry out of necessity)
3. I made cake pops with my friend!
4. Hmm... I've also watched a ton of South Park
5. And Nip/Tuck, once. Won't be making that mistake again for a while. (Because - EEEWWWW!!!)
6. Hm. Hm. Hm. I've read a ton of blogs and stuff.
7. Did I mention I've seen every single episode of South Park ever made? Every. Single. One. And they're only twenty minutes each, so that didn't exactly take up much time.
8. I got my term paper for English back today - I got a CANADIAN A-. I am SO SO HAPPY WITH THAT!! Like, I told my friend, and she was all "...WOW..."
9. I went Christmas shopping..? Got like. One thing.
10. Tried to get skates... and the sales guy talked me out of it. I'm still kinda confused about that one.
11. I got an extra point on a test, and half point on the scientific reasoning midterm. He's really not a very good grader.
11. If you haven't noticed by now, this isn't a very long list.
12. And a lot of things on it are pretty boring.
13. And only took up about 30 minutes each, tops.

I'm basically bored out of my mind at this point.  SIX MORE DAYS!!

PS - I have a new mission in life: GETTING AUTOGRAPHED PICTURES FROM NHL PLAYERS!! Apparently you can send something and 3 months later, it gets signed! Possibly.

PPS- Reason # 875 that French grammar is super hard: They have an "adverb". It modifies a verb. For example, the word "vite" is an adverb. (I guess that means... quickly? Know what's super weird? I've started to forget the translations of words, and just know them like... if you see a car going fast, you just think, vite. WEIRD RIGHT?) Anyhow, know what else is an adverb? Let us not forget that it's adVERB. "Very" is an adverb. THAT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE.
"That car is fast" has an adverb. "That car is very" doesn't make sense. SO DON'T CALL "VERY" AN ADVERB. It's modifying an ADJECTIVE. It's an... adadjective. Or whatever. AUIOEFSWEUXPCU FRENCH MAKES NO SENSE SOMETIMES 

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