Sunday, September 18, 2011

My grocery list

First off, my grocery list is in FRENCH, because how cool is that! (The only problem that occurs is when I don't remember what 'persil' is and have to stand there and rethink everything I need and do process of elimination) (doesn't happen often, thankfully).
Also, my to-do list is in French as well, because that's even more cool.

Anyhow, it's super weird how my kitchen is a LOT like my mom's (and unlike normal dorm kitchens) and still a lot like usual dorm kitchens are.
So, the first thing people notice when they come in is that we have a set of over 20 knives in a block on the counter. This tends to alarm them, a little. They're my roommate's, and they've scared quite a few people.
Anyways, it's like my mom's in that I HAD to have a grill pan, and my measuring cups are different shades of purple. I always always always have parsley, garlic, olive oil, American barbeque sauce, Montreal steak spice and allspice. They're my staples. I've also got a ton of water bottles, and an icetray that makes fish-shaped ice cubes. (debating whether naming them would be cool, or just traumatizing, seeing as you melt them to death every time. And then eat them).
Moving on.
I've also got the really mature stuff like frosted chocolate cereal (bad for you on like, eight different levels!) and chocolate poptarts.
Also, a ton of pasta, which is funny.

It's just really weird to have my own grocery list and see that it's super 'me' with the poptarts and stuff, but still has stuff that's on my mom's list. Also, I'm a super awesome chef, and my go-to recipes are super advanced, like that parsley/garlic/olive oil pasta, because you know what? Everyone else's go-to's come out of a box, and that's just beneath me.
(Total food snob).

Funny story:
I was writing an email to my hockey teammates, just to update them on what's going on, and the first sentence says "to let yall know the status" etc. One of my roommates saw that and was all "you're so American!!" because of the "yall" :D it was funny.
Also, the second sentence contained the word "whereupon."

I was listening to Bachelor Pad (WHAT a screwed up show! It was so mean! This one guy was engaged to a chick, and they broke it off. Then they're both on the show, blahblahblah, and on the final episode, in front of the studio and people and AMERICA, they tell him she's engaged to another guy. That poor dude!) anyhow, there's this one part where they're discussing a guy everyone hates for some reason. One of the guys says "I wanted to punch him across the face - for America!" Soooo funny!

I still can't figure out how to send pictures to here straight from my blackberry, so I'm working on that.


  1. Well I'm glad to hear that your kitchen is in proper order, especially with the knives. Gotta have good knives!!! Mom :)

  2. So your knives are organized, how about your cereal ? Is it organized by amount of fiber content ?


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