Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Classes, part 2, or something

So, this is slightly late, but still.
Classes part 2!!
1. English! It's a 200-level, and it's Medieval Literature (that's an irritating word to spell. Medieval, not literature). Anyhow, it's unexciting. And an hour and a half long.
2. German, which is SO SO EASY it's annoying. We're learning how to say the same simple things over and over.
3. French lecture. This class is set up in the system France uses - you have one lecture a week, by the professor - the magistrale class, I think it means like.... superior in English, or something - anyways, the prof's very good, too. Except the class is like, legit French grammar.

I don't have names for this stuff in English. That's where studying another language gets really weird- when you can't describe this stuff in your own language, but totally can in the second one. We're at the point where we don't use English, and when you learn a new word, you don't get its translation, you get its French definition.

I think that's it for classes. I've got friends in a bunch of them, which is cool.

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