Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Classes, part 1

I started school today!! Here's what I had:

1. French Tutorial
This was at 9AM, which is an absolutely ungodly hour, by the way. The teacher was really funny, though. And it's taught by a professor, NOT a TA!

2. Linguistics
This was at 2. So I've a huge gap in between classes. But! My friend's in this one with me, and we had a short lesson on how you innately know how to use "eh." Also, this is in forestry, for some reason.

3. Philosophy
Scientific reasoning! I took this because it sounds like a Spock class. And I have a friend in this one too!

Also, I have HOCKEY tomorrow!!! I'm so excited :) Also, I did the Grouse Grind on Monday!! I'll have pictures and stuff eventually - maybe even UPLOADED FROM MY BLACKBERRY. (Super excited to have one, if you couldn't tell).

Anyways, tomorrow I've got English and German! I'm sooo excited! AND I ALSO HAVE HOCKEY, IN CASE YOU FORGOT ALREADY. :) yayyy!

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