Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer and skiing and stuff!

I've been doing stuff!
(um, obviously).

1. Lots of reading for my classes. There is no photo of this; that's because all it would show is a very frustrated me reading a really heavy textbook that I have more than once given myself a bruise with on accident. (Maybe because I was trying to hit my brother with it. Who knows what causes these things).

2. We went skiing!
More pics at that album over there ---->
also, my sister was there. She just wasn't in any pictures. So, no, we didn't lock her in the lodge or anything. (I swear! Don't listen to her!)

3. We also went to my cousin's wedding! It was lovely :) Also, my dress was gorgeous. Just saying.

Lots (okay, like 3?) more pictures at my picasa album! SO LOOK AT IT! IT'S SUPER AWESOME. (please please please?). You'll get the bonus awesomeness of a hilarious picture of my brother blowing bubbles.

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