Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New classes, Term 2

I've only had a few of my classes so far, but I've really liked the ones I've had; here's the rundown-

1. Geo-Bio lab: actually, it was cancelled. But the geography building is my new favourite place, their lounge is so awesome.
2. Macroecon: totally awesome prof!
3. Creative writing, the introductory one: Can't say I'll be in love with the lectures, but the prof was really funny. Also, have a friend from screenwriting in the class with me.
4. French: Awesome, awesome professor. Best thing he said today, talking about verb tenses- (in french) (BTW, he's practically 60 yearas old)
prof- you are all a timeline, except me. I will always be young! So you all move along this timeline, except me, I am a God.

Awesome start, I'd say.

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